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There is broad scientific consensus that our nation has enough natural gas right here at home to power America for generations to come.

In fact, the U.S. Energy Information Administration currently estimates that the U.S. has 2,543 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves and technically recoverable natural gas.

What does it mean for our country?  As we look for ways to create jobs, clear the air and reduce harmful emissions, natural gas stands ready-right here, right now-to play a growing role in our nation's clean energy future.

What are shale plays?

The rise of the U.S. shale plays, dense geological formations a mile or more below the earth's surface that are home to vast domestic supplies of natural gas.

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How much natural gas do we really have?

The world's largest producer of this clean energy resource isn't Russia, Iran or Venezuela.  It's the United States of America.  Authorities from the Department of Energy, the Potential Gas Committee and MIT all say we have enough natural gas to power our economy for generations.

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How are we using natural gas?

Providing a cleaner fuel source for almost a quarter of the nation's electric power: driving down emissions on our nation's highways; heating our homes; and serving as a key raw material for manufactured goods.  Natural gas is a clean, versatile and efficient energy source.

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