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Fleet Markets

Converting vehicle fleets to clean, domestic natural gas provides multiple benefits.

Significant Cost Savings

Natural gas vehicles have far lower operating and maintenance costs, generating significant vehicle life-cycle savings.

  • Businesses and cities have found that natural gas vehicles pay for themselves in fuel savings. Many fleets report 15-28% savings compared to diesel fleets.
  • The lifecycle costs of natural gas trucks already are competitive with traditional fuels, and many companies have found that these vehicles are cheaper to maintain.

Reducing Dependence on Foreign Oil

  • Replacing 3.5 million medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses with CNG-powered counterparts by 2035 would save at least 1.2 million barrels of oil per day.
  • Natural gas has the potential to reduce transit and school bus oil use by 80,000 barrels a day. If 420,000 diesel buses are replaced with NGVs by 2035-then natural gas transit and school buses could eventually displace half of the oil used for all buses by 2035. - Source: Center for American Progress