Power Generation

Natural gas is America's clean, reliable and domestically abundant energy resource. With ample supply, an expanding delivery network, innovative technologies and long-term price stability, natural gas will be part of America's power generation mix for decades to come.

Abundant natural gas from shale regions across the country meets the growing demand for clean, affordable electricity and can replace retiring baseload generation. It accounts for more than half of all recent power plant capacity additions and is the foundation fuel for intermittent sources such as wind and solar. Technological improvements in natural gas production and new pipeline infrastructure ensures natural gas producers will help meet America's electricity needs.

Powering America

Electric utilities all over the country use natural gas for clean and affordable power generation. Power suppliers from California to Georgia, and from Indiana to Texas are making long term decisions to switch to natural gas to meet the needs of their customers.

Cleaner Air

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)reports that America has reduced greenhouse gas emissions to levels not seen since 1994, thanks in large part to the use of natural gas in the power sector. The switch to natural gas in power generation also reduces emissions of pollutants such as mercury, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides.

Growing Infrastructure

The natural gas industry invests more than $1.5 billion annually to expand and strengthen pipeline infrastructure in the Northeastern U.S. alone. Investments in infrastructure allow producers to quickly and safely connect massive natural gas supplies to the market. With growing demand, continued investment in pipelines and storage facilities can ensure that our power sector will reliably receive natural gas.

Abundant Supply

Independent projections from the Potential Gas Committee, the EIA and other leading experts agree that the United States has affordable and abundant supplies of natural gas ready to serve customers for generations.

EIA estimates that natural gas production will nearly double by and prices remain stable until at least 2035.

Technology Innovations

Thanks to the shale energy revolution, natural gas provides a clean, abundant and affordable energy source now and for the foreseeable future. This revolution is the result of tremendous technology innovations that continue to advance at a stunning pace. Directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing techniques yield more natural gas using fewer rigs on the ground, which benefits the environment, creates jobs and enhances U.S. energy security.

Making Natural Gas Work for America

Clean Energy

Increased use of natural gas in power generation has reduced carbon emissions to the lowest level in decades and dramatically cut air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, mercury and particulate matter.

Reliable Supply

Our nation has enough natural gas to power America for generations to come. The EIA estimates that using today's technology, the U.S. has nearly 100 years worth of technically recoverable natural gas.

Infrastructure Investment

The natural gas industry is investing billions each year to expand and strengthen infrastructure and bring affordable supplies of energy to America's communities.


Stable, abundant supplies mean stable markets, making natural gas an increasingly attractive option for utility power generation, transportation, industrial and residential uses.


Our nation has enough natural gas right here at home to power America for generations to come. The EIA estimates that the U.S. has 2,543 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves and technically recoverable natural gas.

Natural gas is America's proven abundant, reliable and efficient foundation fuel supporting an energy portfolio powering the U.S. economy into the next century.

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